CAD.42 Products : The Right Choice for Construction Excellence

With CAD.42 solutions, construction companies are improving organizational agility to adapt more quickly and effectively to change. This agility enables firms to take advantage of new market opportunities by delivering the right product at the right time at the right price. Construction companies are choosing CAD.42 solution to help meet a construction transformation that is well underway to think global while acting local.


CAD.42 solution has won numerous awards and accolades for its ability to tightly synchronize global construction operations and supply chain network to deliver real-time visibility and control over business processes performed across construction sites and suppliers. Leverage CAD.42 solutions establish a common set of operational standards that can be managed holistically on a global scale while still being continuously improved to meet operational exellence.


CAD.42 products provide a connection between the virtual world of digital construction and real world of construction. This product design is ideal to support global continuous improvement within highly dynamic, complex operational environments, helping construction companies to improve margin, quality and safety while remaining highly responsive to change.


Success requires a dedicated solution focused entirely in safety, productivity, quality and achieving sustaining construction excellence. The CAD.42 product portfolio reflects an obsession with construction operations management. This dedication is validated with a strategic software solution designed to work closely with other ERP, BIM or PLM business systems to manage, govern and continuously improve construction and supply chain operations. Most importantly, this dedication is reflected in the success of our customers.


CAD.42 helps construction companies gain competitive advantage by:

  • Enabling rapid response to both planned and unexpected change
  • Providing end-to-end, real-time visibility, control and synchronization across construction sight operations, throughout the enterprise, and across the construction supply network
  • Tightly integrating the digital world of planning and design to the real world of execution