Off to a connected construction site !

Equipping your construction site with our UWB technology allows it be scanned and provides you accurate idea of its project progress.

View your construction site

in 3D and in real time or in replay mode.

Improve your construction site’s productivity !

Each piece of data is recorded and analysed to increase team efficiency in worksites.

  • Analyse equipment’s and teams’ movements
  • Spot repetitive routes taken by workers
  • Identify high worker density zones
  • Distinguish restricted areas from accessible areas
  • Detect waste

These data allow you to plan and carry out tailored changes to the site.

Reinforce operator safety !

Thanks to our system, you can locate your workers anonymously in real time down to 30cm accuracy, both inside as well as outside.

  • Analyse the travelled paths and the dangers workers incurred during the day.
  • Identify, in real time, workers in danger
  • View and delimit potential hazard zones
    • Static : asbestos abatement zone, unloading area, red carpet, etc.
    • Mobile : suspended crane load, vehicles