Data for Safety and Productivity to Transform Construction

Complete solution of sensors connected to a Cloud application to manage the safety of operations and improve production.

New: Anti-collision system for Tower Cranes / Mobile Cranes

CAD.42 unveils its anti-collision system compatible with all tower cranes, mobile cranes, concrete masts, cradles … The installation is done in 5 minutes per gear.

The configuration of the system is done online and adapts very quickly according to the constraints of the construction site.


Real-time applications

  • Safety

Zero accidents! The most complex operations are managed by unifield, which alerts operators in the event of danger.


  • Lean

Master the production day by day and be alerted in real time of a drop in productivity on the site.


  • Quality

The information is reliable and available at all times by the site team, the methods and the subcontractors to ensure flawless production.

A real-time digital twin

CAD.42 creates a digital twin of the site in real time using connected sensors that equip key site resources. This data is integrated into the BIM and into the site schedule to improve the safety of people and equipment, optimize the use of site machinery and their flows on the site, and automatically monitor site progress.

The real-time digital twin of CAD.42 is the site safety, quality and productivity control tower.

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