Anti-collision between Mobile Cranes and Virtual Wall – Kremlin Bicêtre Hospital Station

Use of the RTK.42 solution on the construction site of this line 14 station to ensure the safety of lifting equipment in coactivity and compliance with no-fly zones.

Anti-collision between mobile cranes

Two to three mobile cranes are permanently present on the site.

Cranes can work from a few days to a few months on the construction site. The flexibility as well as the speed of installation and uninstallation on any crane was essential in the choice of the solution to be implemented.

When two mobile cranes approach in a dangerous way, the tablet which equips the cabin of the crane operator warns him of the danger by an audible and luminous signal.

Prohibition of overflight zones

In our Unifield application, the manager drew the no-fly zones directly with his mouse. Here again, the crane operator is warned by his tablet when entering the prohibited perimeter.

Crane operator tablet

Sensor on the counterweight

Boom head sensor