Innovation to secure work near overhead power lines

Innovation to secure work near overhead power lines


Proximity to electrical works is a major risk factor on a construction site. A number of accidents, often fatal, are in fact due to the contact of construction machinery with overhead power lines. To prevent this risk, RTK.42 is an agile and reliable solution for securing operations.


In the event of activity in the vicinity of overhead power lines, the excessive proximity of a construction machine can cause an electric arc (ignition).


Once the networks have been identified, it is therefore essential to ensure that safety distances are respected:

  • 3 meters for lines or installations whose voltage U < 50.000 volts;
  • 5 meters for lines or installations whose voltage U > 50.000 volts (C. trav., art. R. 4534–108).


When earth-moving, transport, lifting or handling machinery must be used or moved near an electrical line which cannot be de-energized, you must ensure the adaptation and installation of these machinery. and work equipment in order to respect the minimum safety distances during the execution of work. (Labour Code, art. R. 4534–125).


RTK.42: Technology at the service of work safety in the vicinity of power lines.

Our anti-collision assistance system is compatible with all construction machinery. The system alerts crane operators when entering danger zones around power lines or for preventing them from leaving their secure work area.

RTK.42 sensor

RTK.42 is designed to fit any equipment. The device geolocates its position in 3D with 10 cm precision. It is connected in 3G 4G or 5G. Its battery operation allows it to be installed in a few minutes.

Driver's tablet

The tablet allows the driver to display the position of his machine and the restriction zones. The tablet also allows to alert the machine operator with a sound and light signal for re-entry into prohibited areas.

Gyro-siren for pedestrians

The battery-operated Gyro-siren is magnetized to the device and alert pedestrians nearby in the event that the vehicle crosses regulatory distances.

Examples of construction sites

The Ile Saint-Denis bridge for the 2024 Olympics

As the site is located near a 225 KV line, Eiffage used our system to help crane operators respect safety distances.

PSA-Peugeot site in Sochaux

Franki Fondations used RTK.42 to secure the work of the drill set up on this site.

DLR site – Les Ulis

Bouygues IEP used RTK.42 to secure the work of the excavator set up on this site overlooked by HV lines.

The advantages of the system

  • Compatible with all gears
  • Installation in 5 minutes
  • Configuring online alerts
  • Real-time monitoring web platform
  • Definition of danger zones by importing DWG plans, BIM models or by ground acquisition