Augmented warning signage

Physical warning signage isn’t enough anymore !

The slightest lack of attention might trigger an accident

Even nowadays, 1 out of every 10 construction workers has an accident in an industry worksite every year.
Our augmented hazard signage system makes operators’ daily work less dangerous. It’s a more efficient way to protect workers as opposed to simple warning signage.


Delimit the danger zone

Choose your hazard zone’s coverage
Radius : 3 metres, 8 metres, 15 metres

Define the danger

More than 200 signs available to be displayed for each unique situation (Enforceable requirements, collision, hazards, but also safety precautions)

Alert signal sending

Warn all operators equipped with ELSA.42 connected bands or any other suitable devices.
Our augmented signage solution, PIROS.42, makes sure the information iscorrectly delivered. It can be placed on all kinds of objects (traffic cone, vehicles, walls, …).


Audible and vibratory signal

ELSA.42 warn operators entering a hazard zone.
The sound alert changes according to the level of danger.


Danger display

The watch displays the sign corresponding to the type of information. (falling objects, slippery patch, electrical risks).

Simple and convenient

A real personal assistant for operators, even in harsh and restricted environments.
Its technologies and sensors provide the basic features that you’ll find in each version of ELSA.42.
Our clients can develop their own apps on it, like chatbots, timesheet, etc.

In a few words …