Vehicle/pedestrian collision avoidance – ONYX, Le Thillay – Bouygues Construction


As part of the construction of the Onyx site in Le Thillay, the workers have to work near construction machinery.

One of the most important risks on site remains the machine/pedestrian collision with 2000 work accidents per year in France leading to work stoppage.

The yard has therefore acquired a system to secure co-activity activities between machines and pedestrians.

System set up

The machines are equipped with one or more KYD.42 configured according to the alert distances chosen with the site manager. The companions and the driver are equipped with a KYD.42 which will alert them in the event of danger by an audible, vibrating and luminous signal.

A charging case is available for the daily charging of pedestrian devices.


No accidents during the life of the system.

Adoption by the teams of the system.


Charlotte CHIBOUT, Health and Safety Prevention – Social Housing – Bouygues Construction at Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France

Fight against the risk of vehicle-pedestrian collision with KYD.42!

Full-scale experimentation on the Thillay Onyx site last Friday where the KYD.42 system, developed by the startup CAD.42 in collaboration with DISTRIMO, was tested for the first time.
On this site, where the Brézillon teams are carrying out VRD development work, this innovative solution makes it possible to deal with and prevent machine-pedestrian collisions, a major risk during this type of work.

To carry out the test, companions and machine driver were equipped and placed in situation. Everyone is alerted to any risk of rapprochement thanks to an audible and luminous signal as well as vibrations.
Many thanks to Christophe DESMET and his Thillay Onyx team for carrying out this exercise, illustrating the relevance of connected solutions to preserve the health and safety of our employees!