Connected crane

RTK.42 system for all cranes

The RTK.42 is a centimetric 3D geolocation sensor connected in 3G/4G/5G or wifi. An RTK.42 is magnetized to the crane block and the data is uploaded every second. The dynamometric sensor transmits weight data in real time to the RTK.42 and the camera transmits photos of the load with each crane stroke. The nature of the load is determined using machine learning algorithms.

Accuracy 10kg

Accuracy 10cm

Over 40k training images

Creation and monitoring of key performance indicators allows you to define key performance monitoring indicators for cranes equipped with the system. Dashboards are available in real time on Unifield and reports in PDF form are sent to the site every day.

For example:

  • Number of crane strokes
  • Activity time during the day
  • Empty and loaded waiting times during the day
  • Saturation rate
  • Number of crane lifts/drops between specific areas of the construction site
  • Quantity of poured concrete

Flow analysis

All data is stored for 3 months. Using the online tools on Unifield, it is possible to replay the flows in the 2D or BIM wiewer in order to analyze the cranes activity for the day in a few minutes.

Automated chrono-analysis

CAD.42's automatic chrono-analysis makes it possible to identify problems as early as possible during construction.

For the methods, the site, the price studies... the result makes it possible to make the site better and to capitalize in the medium/long term by changing the unit times according to objective criteria.

Automatic site monitoring

By connecting the crane to the site's BIM and its simulation integrated into Unifield, the system automatically detects the progress of the tasks in the schedule.