Connected crane

Optimize crane’s efficiency !

Our electronic unit, fixed to the crane hook, enables the collection and processing of data in real time.

It creates automatic activity reports gathering a variety of information :

  • Number of moves (per day) below suspended crane load
  • The average and total time spent under the crane “safety cone”
  • The number of crane’s loading and unloading operations
  • Crane capacity usage ratio
  • Inactivity

Make appropriate improvements relying on your activity reports

Become aware of your inefficiencies

Our system automatically creates a spaghetti plot of the working zone. You can now be aware of the crane’s inefficiencies

  • Identification of optimized trajectories
  • Identification of “activity hotspots”
  • Overproduction detection
  • Detection of equipment and raw material layout problems
  • Detection of under-used and over-used pieces of equipments to optimize the available ressources