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CAD.42 provides a solution that enables industries to transform their operations while achieving and sustaining operational excellence. Its award-winning hardware, software and services solutions tightly synchronize global operations by delivering real-time visibility and control across the enterprise.


CAD.42 solution functions like a software-based platform for Production Operations Management. CAD.42 Production Execution System (PES)  offers more than just a way to manage people, processes and resources of production operations at a plant.  CAD.42 PES product offering is a global solution to manage production, safety, quality, maintenance and labour tracking processes across all locations. Major global companies in Construction, Energy or Transport and more leverage CAD.42 solution to achieve global production excellence through Lean construction, Six Sigma and other continuous process improvement initiatives.


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Millions of data processed per day.
More than 6000 near miss alerted to workers.
time wasted detected on none value added activities.

Real Time solutions

You have the control through our interface


Avoid risks on a construction site

Lean 4.0

Improve production performance


Master your supply chain

Our partners speak about us !

“The implementation of this solution in a worksite alongside our partner , CAD.42 , places the Lean approach at the center of the real time BIM model. This dynamic  digital twin foretells the worksite of tomorrow.”

“Thanks to the CAD.42 ecosystem, it becomes possible to ensure real time monitoring of worksites and give life to their digital model/avatar.
The data which have been collected in such a way are also employed at the service of productivity.
The already deployed solution in conjunction with a LEAN approach allow to streamline and to optimize operational processes.”

“The real time digital twin from CAD.42 allows us to handle safety issues but also to aggregate data automatically to imrpove our operations”

Pierre George,
Directeur Innovation et
Directeur des Systèmes d’Information

Julien Gardette,
Direction Innovation

Menno Nijdam,

Group HSE & Innovation Manager

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