KYD.42: Physical distancing aid (Machinery/Pedestrian, Machinery/Machinery, Worker/Worker)


KYD.42 is the physical distance solution developed by CAD.42.

Users are alerted by a sound and light signal when safety distances are no longer respected. This solution improves staff safety who work alongside vehicles and facilitates social distancing in pandemic times.

How does it works ?

Each device measures its relative distance to other devices by measuring the time of flight. Each distance is computed about twenty times every second to ensure the system’s responsiveness.

It is therefore not a geolocation system and thus does not process personal data in its basic version. This allows our clients to deploy this solution without social constraints.

Multi-distance management

KYD.42 is able to manage various distances according to the target KYD.42 configurations. Some of our customers use this system to deal with machinery-to-pedestrian collisions as well as social distancing. A KYD.42 configured to alert the machine operator is then set up at 5 meters (for example) to alert any employee entering the KYD.42 perimeter.

Plug and play use

An ON/OFF button to turn on the device. It can be carried in a pocket, using the carabiner or neck strap provided.

An Android and Iphone mobile application is provided to change the alert settings (distance, max duration …) if needed.

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Optional: data

As an option, our customers who wish to do so, can automatically retrieve the contact history: date, time, beeper id and contact duration in the UniField application. This option allows our customers to analyse the organisation of their sites and possibly implement corrective actions to guarantee their employees the safest possible work organisation.

We recommend an anonymous distribution of the devices, which ensures compliance with GDPR rules.

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