RTK.42: GPS/GNSS satellite positioning system (L1/L2)


RTK.42 is the geolocation solution dedicated to safety and asset tracking developed by CAD.42. RTK.42 enables outdoor geolocation with centimetric precision in 3 dimensions. Derived from surveyor technology, RTK.42 is available in 3 sizes: S, M, XL.

The S-format is designed for operators, the M-format for machines and the stand-alone XL version has a removable battery with a capacity of 5 days.

Our UniField platform allows you to visualise in real time and replay all the movements in a Google Maps plan, 2D or 3D model (revit or IFC).

Mobile crane overflight alert

When you have a no-fly zone with a mobile crane, our system allows you to alert the crane operator when he approaches a forbidden zone (a road, a high-voltage line, another crane, etc.).

Anti-collision aid Mobile crane / Tower crane: video link

Safety of machines and operators

When an operator or a machine approaches a forbidden zone (a road, a high-voltage line, another crane…), our system alerts the operator in real-time before the collision.

Resource tracking

Using our UniField tool, we visualise and analyse resource activities. UniField facilitates the management of co-activity to respond to the problems of different flows in the field.


RTK.42 (XL version)
Dual-band RTK GPS/GNSS (L1/L2)

GPS/GNSS chip: U-blox F9P

Autonomy: 5 days

Charging: Mobile Notebook Power Supply/ Dual USB + DC Battery Output

Dimension: 187mm x 110mm x 45mm

Connectivity: 3G/4G/WIFI or LoRa

Refresh Rate: up to 1/10 seconds

Type of correction: NTRIP (IP)

Geolocation accuracy :

<1cm with an RTK base up to 35km
<1cm with NTRIP correction from a base up to 35km away
<1.5m without correction


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