Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision Prevention

Avoid Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision

In a simple way




Our solution

PIROS.42, our augmented warning device, makes sure the alert information is correctly delivered !

Placed on your vehicles (trucks, carts, etc), it creates an alert zone around them. Operators are alerted when the vehicle approaches, via audible and vibratory signals on our connected ELSA.42 bracelet.
This alert helps operators to become more aware of their surroundings and to step aside when necessary.

Delimit the danger zone

Define the area’s size around the vehicle : 3 metres, 8 metres, 10 metres.

Place PIROS.42 on the vehicle

Thanks to its sticker, it can be paced anywhere, on any kind of material.

Warn operators

Our solution increases operators’ attention and avoid unexpected situations.