Universal anti-collision system

Compatible with :

Tower cranes, Mobile cranes, Luffing jib cranes, Aerial platforms, Concrete masts, Backhoe loaders, Loaders, Compactors, Finishers, Forklifts, Trucks…

The + of the solution

  • Equipment of a machine in 5 minutes.
  • Online / remote configuration to facilitate installation on new machines or updates.
  • Compatible with any gear.
  • Compatible with tower cranes already equipped with anti-collision systems: AMCS, AGS, SMIE, Ascorel
  • First Name unlimited of gear.
  • Alert zones in 3D stationary or around mobile machinery.
  • Control and reduction operational costs.

Principle of operation

One or more sensors RTK.42 are magnetized on the mobile devices to obtain their positions in real time. The mobile machine operator is equipped with a tablet allowing you to view the position of your machine and nearby machines in real time, as well as active or prohibited work areas. An audible and visual alert alerts the driver of a risk of collision or entry into a prohibited area.

As an option, a gyro-siren makes it possible to alert the operators of machines or the personnel present on the ground of a rapprochement with another machine in coactivity or of a rapprochement with a prohibited zone.

RTK.42 kit for mobile machinery
1 RTK.42 sensor,
2 Batteries (autonomy 5 days) + charging kit,
1 Shelf + fixing,
Option: 1 beacon/siren

3D areas

Using an acquisition on the ground, via the visualization tool integrated into our business application or directly from your plans or BIM, you define the evolution or prohibition zones for mobile machinery (or we do it for you according to your instructions/directives).

Zones can be defined in 3D to avoid, for example, proximity to high voltage lines / railway tracks, catenaries, building facades or buried elements such as water or gas pipes, fiber optics , etc.

Unifield, site supervisor

For each site, a project on the unifield.io web platform is created. Access is provided to the site supervision.

We find there:

  • The status of the various system components (connected or disconnected / battery charge level)
  • The log page which records all the alerts that the system has issued to machine operators.
  • An integrated viewer that allows to see in real time or to replay the data of the different machines up to 3 months back.
  • A tool for creating 3D zones.
  • An alert configurator by email or SMS

Examples of use

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