Virtual wall

Our anti-collision assistance system is compatible with all heavy equipment. It is used to avoid collisions, or to prohibit machines from entering danger zones or to prevent them from leaving their work area.


The RTK.42 centimetric geolocation sensor is magnetized to any metal part of the machine: mobile crane jib head, basket of the lifting platform, excavator cabin, etc.

The tablet allows the driver to view the position of his machine and the restriction zones. The tablet also makes it possible to alert the machine operator with a sound and light signal of re-entry into prohibited areas.

As an option, a gyro/siren can also alert workerds near the vehicle.

Compatible with :

Tower cranes
Mobile cranes
Luffing jib cranes
Lifting Platform
Concrete mats
Backhoe loaders

Creation or import of a 3D area

From a digital model or a DWG

Define the crossing alert zones directly in your DWG plans or your BIM digital models (Revit, IFC). Then simply use our area editor directly integrated into the 3D viewer to take these areas into account.

On a navigation chart or on the PIC

No georeferenced plan and no BIM! Draw your areas with the mouse on the PIC or on a road map.

Acquisition of the ground area via an RTK.42

To define a virtual wall with centimeter precision, it is possible to use an RTK.42 and scan the perimeter with the sensor in “acquisition” mode.

Examples of use of the “Virtual Wall” feature

Machinery near railway tracks open to traffic

CDG Express construction site – Eiffage (Click to find out more)

Machinery on a site subject to aeronautical height limits

Worksite Line 18 Lot 1 OA2 – VINCI Construction (Click to find out more)